[VIDEO] Why You Should Insure Your Corvette or Collector Vehicle with the NCM Insurance Agency


If you have a Corvette, you need insurance. Those are the rules! While it’s not the most glamorous subject, take a moment to educate yourselves on the different kinds of coverages that are available for your Corvettes and other collector vehicles. During the NCM Bash, I spoke at length on the topic with Joe Petty of the NCM Insurance Agency and actually learned a few new things that even I wasn’t aware that they can do to protect you and your collector car.

Joe and I spoke for nearly 10 minutes about the services and perks you get with the NCM Insurance Agency, but if you’re just looking for the highlights, here are the top five takeaways from our discussion regarding Corvette insurance:

Hands Down, You Need Agreed Value

Don’t find out after the fact that your stated value policy is anything but. With an Agreed Value policy with the NCM Insurance Agency, you know exactly what the replacement value is in case of total loss. Joe tells us that when you bring a vehicle to the NCM Insurance Agency, they will lock in that value for the life of the policy so there is no depreciation of insurance coverage. And in the case of the swiftly rising values, you can adjust your value with them at any time. On any new purchase they lock in the purchase price for the first six months but that can be changed any time after.

Considerations for Agreed Value are generally that you must store the vehicle in a structure and the number of miles you drive annually. There are three mileage levels with plans offering 1000, 3000, and 6000-mile caps so there are plenty of opportunities to get out and drive!

Roadside Assistance and Travel Loss

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the NCM Insurance Agency offers roadside assistance in case your car runs into any issues while you are out driving. The insurance card you carry has the phone number to call and they can come and assist. In case your trip was delayed due to a breakdown and you’re more than 50 miles from home, they’ll also provide up to $600 in transportation, lodging, and other related expenses. There’s even coverage for your spare parts or personal tools included in your policy.

Backed by American Modern

Your policy with the NCM Insurance Agency is backed by their carrier American Modern, who specializes in collector car insurance and has been around since the early ’60s. They are rated AM best and have incredible resources at their disposal when it comes to dealing with a claim. The customer service aspects of their website make it easy to make a payment or manage your account.

Not Just For Corvettes

The NCM Insurance Agency specializes in Corvettes, but they can insure just about any kind of vehicle that meets the collector vehicle requirements. This includes the C8 Corvette Stingray and soon-to-be-produced 2023 Corvette Z06 which can both qualify for a collector car policy. They can even insure your Corvette for a weekend at the track or other HPDE activity.

Get an Apples to Apples Comparison Today

You can get a free quote from the NCM Insurance Agency and you can see the kind of savings you may get over a traditional or stated value policy. Gather up your insurance docs when you call or bring them to one of their car show appearances and you’ll get an apples-to-apples comparison to help you make the best decision. Call
270-467-8848 or visit them on the web at and get your free quote today!


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