Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Russia will step up attacks during Ukraine’s EU membership drive


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expects “greater hostile activity” from Russia as his country pursues membership in the European Union.

The EU will consider whether Ukraine should be given candidate status later this week, kicking off an accession process that could take years.

In his nightly address Sunday, Mr. Zelenskyy said Ukrainians are preparing and ready for new assaults and pledged to push forward with the EU bid, according to the BBC.

Mr. Zelenskyy said Ukraine’s membership would benefit his country and the West.

“I am convinced that only a positive decision meets the interests of the whole of Europe,” he said, though warned: “Obviously, we should expect greater hostile activity from Russia. And not only against Ukraine, but also against other European countries.”

He warned of greater hostilities even as British intelligence officials said Russian ground troops are exhausted from Moscow’s lack of air force superiority since the invasion began on Feb. 24.

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“In the conflict to date, Russia’s air force has underperformed. Its failure to consistently deliver air power is likely one of the most important factors behind Russia’s very limited campaign success,” the U.K. Ministry of Defense said in its daily update on the war.

It said much of the Russian air force’s training is designed to impress senior officials, rather than produce dynamic wins in war.

“While Russia has an impressive roster of relatively modern and capable combat jets, the air force has also almost certainly failed to develop the institutional culture and skill-sets required for its personnel to meet Russia’s aspiration of delivering a more Western-style,” the ministry said. “This has led to a greater than planned weight of effort falling to ground troops, who are becoming exhausted; and on advanced cruise missiles, stocks of which are likely running low.”


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