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Volunteer Vettes Can Help Get Your Corvette’s Power Windows Moving in the Right Direction

Volunteer Vettes Can Help Get Your Corvette's Power Windows Moving in the Right Direction

Nothing takes a beating on our Corvettes like the doors. Think of all the times they’ve been slammed shut, or how many times the windows were put and down. Are your power windows operating as they should or are they making the dreaded clunking sound?

If you have a classic Corvette, sooner or later, it’s going to need some window adjustments. That could mean a simple part replacement or it could mean a full-blown restoration of the major components. Maybe you want to add power windows to your car which didn’t have them originally. Lucky for us, our friends at Volunteer Vette are here to help out with these projects.

If you have questions or are not sure of the part your Corvette needs, the parts specialists at will help you find exactly what you need! And when you do find the right parts, most orders ship the same or the next day. Give them a call today at (865) 521-9100.

Your Corvette’s power windows are made up of three major components. There is the power window’s electrical harness and switches, window motors, and the regulators which raise and lower your glass windows. These components can be found on Volunteer Vette’s website under the generation listings. Most of the parts can be found under Exterior -> Door/Windows but the switches and wiring harnesses may also be under the Electrical tab. Here are some links to the relevant pages on

We’ve listed a few tips down below for dealing with the various components of your Corvette’s power windows. One of the themes we’ve noticed is that working on the door components can be tricky and time-consuming. So depending on your issues and the age of your Corvette, you might want to go ahead and replace the inner door parts like the locks and grab handles while you’ve already got the door taken apart.

Switches and Wiring Harnesses

Power Window Switches

Diagnosing electrical issues on your Corvette can help narrow down the problems you are having with your windows. If you think your window problems are electrical-related, Volunteer Vettes has the correct wiring harness and power window switches for your restoration. Check out your existing switches to confirm that power is reaching them first and then work your way to the door. You’ll also want to do a visual check as well to see if there are any kinks or exposed wires showing and don’t forget to check the fusebox and the power window relays as well.

Power Window Regulators

Window Regulators

Window Regulators hold the glass and it is the mechanism that raises and lowers the window. Generally, some of the known issues with the regulators are that over the years the gear teeth can be ground down to the point that it’s no longer engaging with the gear on the motor, or there could be issues with the rollers and guides that don’t allow the window to smoothly go up or down. GM uses a light grease for the tracks and debris can get in there and stop the rollers from moving. Another problem that arises is that the window regulator can come loose which may cause the windows to move up or down at weird angles. Volunteer Vette has the correct window regulators for your year of Corvette.

Power Window Motors

Power Window Motors

The third major component of power windows is the window motor itself. If you have determined that it’s the window motor causing your problems, the good news is changing those out can be done with standard tools in just a couple of hours. However, there is a major caution involved as you can’t just remove and replace the motor. As the window regulator has a spring, removal of the motor without securing the regulator can result in damage or injury. There are several good YouTube videos we saw on dealing with the regulator spring when replacing the window motor so if this is your first time working with window regulators and power window motors, you’ll want to catch up with them first.

If you have a problem or a question about your Corvette’s power windows, you can always talk to one of the product experts at Volunteer Vette who will help find the solution you’re looking for. Give them a call today at (865) 521-9100 or send an email to [email protected].

Request a Free Catalog

You can find the entire parts catalog for Volunteer Vette online at their website, Corvette owners can also request a printed catalog for those who prefer the old-school method of shopping for automotive parts. Click here to request your free Corvette Parts catalog from Volunteer Vette or call (865) 521-9100 to speak with one of their helpful representatives.



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