West Bank visitors who date Palestinians must tell Israeli authorities: report


Foreigners who become romantically involved with a Palestinian while visiting the West Bank will soon have to declare that with Israeli authorities, according to a report.

The BBC reported Saturday that the new rule takes effect Monday and will require foreigners to inform Israeli authorities within 30 days of starting a relationship with a Palestinian ID holder.

At the same time, the new regulation says that an application must be submitted with the Palestinian Authority to formalize the status of the relationship.

“If the Israeli side has not received an application for formalizing status within 90 days of the notification’s submission to the Civil Administration, then the permit shall expire and the foreigner shall be obliged to depart the [West Bank] immediately,” the regulation reads.

If they decide to marry, the couple will be required to leave the West Bank for 27 months for a “cooling-off” period of a year and half, per the BBC.

It’s part of a general tightening of rules for people who are either visiting or wanting to live in the Israeli-controlled West Bank.

Other restrictions set to take effect include quotas of 150 student visas and 100 foreign lecturers at Palestinian universities, as well as limiting the number of visas and the visa durations for those working or volunteering in the West Bank.   

“This is about demographic engineering of Palestinian society and isolating Palestinian society from the outside world,” Jessica Montell, executive director of the Israeli nongovernmental organization HaMoked, which has petitioned the Israeli High Court against the regulations, told the BBC.


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