What if the Next Corvette Comes as an Electric Sedan with Two Extra Doors


What if the C9 Corvette Comes as an Electric Sedan with Two Extra Doors

Times are changing, for sure, but is the world ready for an all-electric four-door Corvette sedan?

Our friends over at AutoEvolution think so.

They recently posted renderings of what the C8 Corvette could look like if it had two extra doors, and we have to admit we had to look twice to make sure there were indeed four doors. Once that was confirmed, we also have to admit we kinda like the look – reminds us of the now-defunct Mazda RX8s in a way. We think it definitely looks better than the four-passenger concept C2 Sting Ray that fortunately never hit the production line back in the 1960s.

But as we said, times are changing. If you have to have a four-door electric car, why not get one with the character of the Corvette? The internet has speculated for years about Chevy possibly spinning off the Corvette brand to make an SUV, the way Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari have done. Some might say, why not take the branding a step further and offer a four-door electric sedan and an SUV, too.

What if the Next Corvette Comes as an Electric Sedan with Two Extra Doors

We happen to think General Motors will be successful with its forthcoming electric vehicles because they’ll not only deliver a new kind of green power but more importantly they’re exciting to look at – witness the new Hummer and Cadillac Lyriq, if you don’t believe us.

You could likely add a Corvette four-door sedan to that list of exciting vehicles, too, as the car would definitely look great if it’s a Corvette, not to mention being able to take advantage of GM’s new Ultium battery technology and a possible dual-motor setup that could easily make 800 or more horsepower. Of course, a four-door Corvette might not be as practical as some other electric vehicles, because even with a stretched wheelbase, it looks like there probably wouldn’t be a lot of room for rear passengers unless they’re youngsters.

We’re interested to see what you think about these renderings that show a four-door C8 in Accelerate Yellow, Torch Red, and Elkhart Lake Blue. Would you buy one?




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