White House announces billions in grant funding to upgrade transmission lines, improve aging grid

President Biden said Friday he is moving to upgrade thousands of miles of transmission lines to shore up the nation’s electrical grid while providing good-paying jobs.

The Department of Energy is accepting applications for a combined $13 billion in grant funding offered by programs in the bipartisan infrastructure law that Mr. Biden signed last year.

The White House said a robust transmission system is necessary to withstand extreme weather and deliver wind and solar power to towns and cities as Mr. Bien tries to cut emissions by 50% in 2030 compared to 2005 levels.

The White House estimates that 70% of the nation’s transmission lines are over 25 years old.

“This aging infrastructure makes American communities, critical infrastructure, and economic interests vulnerable,” a White House fact sheet said.

Huge electricity demands and extreme storms have put a focus on the nation’s electrical grid. States like California have resorted to rolling blackouts to preserve energy as heat strains the power grid while a 2021 winter storm in Texas left millions without power.

The administration said there is an additional $3 billion for transmission upgrades in the signature climate and tax bill Mr. Biden signed this year.

The White House on Friday said the administration is moving ahead with permits for major transmission projects that cross state lines, which will carry clean energy across western states.

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