White students at Georgia high school spell n-word in viral photo


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Source: Penpak Ngamsathain / Getty

Racism is a learned behavior. No one knows how to be racist when they come out of the womb. We say that to say this, while these kids are clearly terrible human beings, they were taught to be this way by “someone” and we venture to say that they are apples that have not fallen far from their tree.

According to 13WMAZ, five white boys who attend a Laurens County School District school have been disciplined in some fashion for an egregious violation on social media. The report states that 5 unnamed white students photographed themselves with jerseys painted on their bodies. Those “jerseys” each held a letter of the n-word and their faces held smiles and unbridled joy. Superintendent Clifford Garnto didn’t describe how the boys were disciplined but said that “every action has consequences.”

“Our Laurens County Schools Administration is fully aware of the derogatory photo circulating on social media outlets. We do not support, nor condone, any offensive actions of this nature. We are truly disappointed in the choices of these students. The environment and teaching at West Laurens High School fosters love and respect among our students for each other. What is observed in this picture is completely misaligned with the values of our school and community. Rest assured, the incident is being investigated. We have to be responsible for our actions, and every action has consequences.”

There will be more information available following the “investigation”. We’ll keep you updated as news breaks.


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