Monday, September 26, 2022

Wind gusts flip plane at Orlando Executive Airport, leaving one person dead, another hospitalized

One person died and another was injured Thursday when winds from severe weather flipped an occupied plane taxied for departure at the noncommercial Orlando Executive Airport.

“The Diamond DA42 Twin Star, along with another unoccupied aircraft, were involved in the weather-related incident around 5 p.m.,” Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Director of Public Affairs Carolyn Fennell told WKMG-TV, an Orlando CBS affiliate.

“One person was already dead when first responders arrived at the scene, and a second was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center,” said Orlando Fire Department spokesperson Jenny DeSantis, Spectrum News 13 reported.

Another plane that was unoccupied also flipped over on the other side of the airport.

“There was evidence that planes that were parked did get moved around by the wind. … The aircraft that had taxied out for departure was waiting and unfortunately, that system moved in so fast, it was so severe with very heavy gusty winds that it actually flipped the airplane,” Judith-Ann Jarrette, director of Orlando Executive Airport, told WESH-TV, an Orlando NBC affiliate.

Local pilot Nick Hendershot explained to Spectrum News 13 why small planes like those held at Orlando Executive Airport get flipped over.

“They are lighter than a car for the most part. They just don’t have the weight and it doesn’t take a whole lot of wind to get them airborne. You start approaching 60, 70 mile per hour winds something like that it is very easy for this thing to get lifted off the ground,” Mr. Hendershot said to the station.

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