Young Dolph’s Life Partner Mia Jaye Reacts To Takeoff’s Murder


Young Dolph’s life partner Mia Jaye says Takeoff’s murder triggered her and pleads for the community to take a stand after his passing.

young dolph memorial

Source: Mia Jaye at a public memorial in Memphis for Young Dolph / Michael Butler

Almost a year ago Young Dolph was killed in Memphis, Tennesse while picking up cookies for his grandmother. A senseless murder that has left his life partner Mia Jaye raising their two children alone while still healing and searching for answers. Earlier this week Takeoff from the MIGOS was killed by a stray bullet in another senseless act of violence. His death marks yet another senseless crime within the hip-hop community. In the aftermath of Dolph’s murder Mia Jaye launched Black Men Deserve To Grow Old, a clothing company that advocates for change. With the recent murder of Takeoff, she is reflecting on her company mission and senseless violence.

Young Dolph’s Life Partner Mia Jaye Calls On The Community To Take A Stand In The Wake Of Takeoff’s Passing

Mia Jaye took to Instagram to speak on the passing of Takeoff who collaborated with her late partner Young Dolph early in their careers.

“I am mentally, emotionally and physically drained… I am tired of the same ole s**t… like how many Black men have to die before something different takes place?” she asked on her Instagram Story after news of Takeoff’s passing broke. She added, “Peace, blessings and sincere prayers to Takeoff’s family… my heart throbs for you and us all.”

She also paid homage on her Black Men Deserve To Grow Old Instagram page as well.

“Black men deserve to grow old. Today, this year, tomorrow, and every day in between. Takeoff deserved to grow old. Nipsey deserved to grow old. Dolph deserved to grow old. The Black men in your lives deserve to grow old.”

Later she would hop on Instagram live and reveal Takeoff’s murder was triggering for her and share how she found comfort in prayer. She encouraged everyone else to pray for healing and to “be still in a moment of crisis”. You can watch her full Instagram live below.


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