Youths break-in, throw party in multi-million dollar Florida home


A group of young people broke into a multi-million dollar Florida home over the weekend, with social media videos showing them setting up a boxing ring in the home’s foyer and taking photos with nondescript championship rings.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office also said on Facebook that some items were stolen from the $8 million house in WaterColor, Florida.

“Before anyone says, this is just ‘kids being kids,’ we want you to ask yourself how you would feel if your home was ransacked, and your sense of peace and security was taken from you?”

The sheriff’s office said that they were called to the house early Saturday morning for a noise complaint. Most of the partygoers  — who appeared to be either in their teens or early twenties — fled the scene soon after.

Authorities said that an open house party is illegal, and one that must be broken into is considered burglary. They gave the young people an ominous warning as well:

“Here’s another sliver of information; Snapchat isn’t private. You may think it is if you are a teenager or someone in their early 20s and you are not yet worldly. Your friends will snitch. Word gets out. You’ll be tagged in pics on the Gram.”

The sheriff’s office reminded the public that they can also subpoena Snapchat.

According to the Daily Mail, a flyer for the event was passed around for a week prior to the June 17 party, which authorities said: “(yes, we know about that too).”

They asked anyone who knows about how the party was organized to “Come clean and give us the information we need to hold those responsible.”


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