11 Adventurous Things To Do In Puerto Misahuallí In The Amazon Rainforest


One of the most magical and beautiful places in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest is Puerto Misahuallí, which is located just 40 minutes by car east of Tena, Napo. Puerto Misahuallí is known for its wild monkeys, which roam freely through the central park and along the banks of the Rio Napo beach, making mischief with tourists who walk distracted by the beauty.

In Puerto Misahuallí you can enjoy a wide variety of extreme sports, hiking along trails within the Amazon Rainforest, visiting indigenous communities in the area, swimming in the river, enjoying the local wildlife and of course, tasting its delicious gastronomy. In this guide you will find the best things to do in Puerto Misahualli in one day.

Where is Puerto Misahualli located?

Puerto Misahuallí is a rural parish belonging to the Tena canton. It is located 40 minutes by car from Tena, and near Puerto Napo; 25 kilometers southeast of Tena at the confluence of the Napo and Misahuallí rivers. Misahualli is also a river port in the Amazon region.

How to get to Puerto Misahualli?


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