7 Amazing Things To Do In Salinas, Santa Elena


Salinas is the busiest beachfront cites and one of the main cities in the province of Santa Elena, Ecuador located on the western tip of the peninsula of the same name. Although Salinas is not the closest beach to Guayaquil, many of its visitors come from this city. Here you can find several beautiful hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centers and museums.

Salinas has a beautiful climate in which most of the time is sunny. During the beach season (December to May) the weather is hotter with an average temperature between 31 ºC. The bad thing is that during these months it is more common for it to rain. During the summer season, which runs from May to December, the temperature drops to 20ºC.

What water sports can I do in Salinas?

The most popular water sports to do in Salina are sailing, jet skiing, surfing, diving or snorkeling, jet skiing and banana boating, paragliding, parasailing and beach volleyball.

The best beaches in Salinas

San Lorenzo Beach

San Lorenzo beach, in my opinion, is the most beautiful in Salinas and has bars and restaurants nearby. It is an excellent beach for surfing (Barco Hundido or now called Paco Illescas) and also to enjoy with the family.

Chipipe Beach

Chipipe beach is located past the Salinas Yacht Club, the waters are calmer and the sand is white. Here you will also find a wide variety of restaurants and bars as well as street vendors.

Walking along the Malecón de Salinas

Something you should do when you are in Salinas is to walk along its beautiful boardwalk which borders San Lorenzo Beach until you reach the Salinas Yacht Club.

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