Fluid listed on the Arbitrum portal


Fluid is now offering the fastest, cheapest, and safest bridge to crypto. Fluid is now listed on the Arbitrum portal: users can buy ETH directly in-app.

Fluid Finance, a banking alternative based in Switzerland, is bridging the gap between crypto and traditional banking. Fluid offers first of its kind technology, allowing users to connect Web3 wallets to traditional banking services. Users can mint and redeem, all within one app.

Fluid’s use of Arbitrum’s technology allows users to change from traditional currencies, to DUSD (Fluid’s Digital Cash) into ETH, all in the same app, and in seconds. It’s more flexible for DeFi and TradFi users alike.

Unlike algorithmic stablecoin technology, Digital Dollars do not lose their peg. For every dollar you mint, you will always get 1 DUSD. For every DUSD you burn, you will always get 1 dollar. The revolutionary single point liquidity pool integrates a Chainlink oracle into a pool with Fluid, at the intersection of traditional finance and crypto.


Arbitrum, a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum from Offchain Labs, works to lower fees and increase capacity by users. The technology came about to address shortcomings of the Ethereum mainchain: slow processing times, and high fees were two of the main issues.

Arbitrum addresses these shortcomings of Ethereum Layer 1. As Forbes describes, “Using a mechanism designed to incentivize parties to agree off-chain how a virtual machine would act, Arbitrum streamlines the execution of smart contracts.” As an innovator itself, Fluid is staying advanced with the tools it chooses.

Fluid Finance founder and CEO Robert Sharratt said: “Fluid’s goal is to bring two financial worlds of traditional and digital finance together. Working on Arbitrum’s network allows our users to have a truly seamless bridge to crypto, in seconds, and in one super-app”.

It’s a partnership that utilises the best technology, on both sides. Fluid’s revolutionary web and mobile app has fast, cheap, safe transactions as a top priority. Arbirtrum allows Fluid users to buy ETH or get in and out of crypto with much lower gas fees than Ethereum mainnet, and with higher transaction throughput. (CoinDesk).

“Arbitrum was built to make Ethereum more inclusive with faster transactions and lower fees. We’re excited to see Fluid reach a broader audience and enable DeFi mainstream adoption”, – says A.J. Warner, Chief Strategy Officer at Offchain Labs.

Thanks to Arbitrum, you can drag and drop your money to and from crypto in seconds with Fluid. No need to resort to an exchange with high fees, multiple keys and accounts, or slow transaction processing.

The Fluid web app and mobile app have now launched. Sign up at


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