Ser Anthony Hopkins Ready To Become An NFT Degen, Bought His .Eth


Believe it or not, Anthony Hopkins is looking to become an NFT collector. The prolific Oscar-winning actor expressed his interest in acquiring some pieces for his nascent collection. “I’m astonished by all the great NFT artists. Jumping in to acquire my first piece,” Hopkins tweeted. Then, he asked for the help of fellow NFT-adjacent celebrities to guide him through this merciless world.  

That’s not it, Ser Anthony Hopkins also revealed his ENS – Ethereum Name Service – domain name. And he’s already receiving free NFTs there. He has also received hundreds of recommendations and straight-up sales pitches from the broad and excited NFT community. From the three celebrities he asked for guidance – Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon, and Reese Witherspoon – so far only Fallon has responded.

“There a bunch of great artists out there and it’s a fun community in general. But, as the great Aaron Neville once said “I don’t know much – but I know I love you.” And that may be all you need to know. DM me,” the non-committal talk show host responded publicly. Who knows what Fallon said to Hopkins in private. Considering Fallon once got into trouble with NBC for promoting the Bored Ape Yacht Club, it’s only logical that he didn’t want to get into it on Twitter’s timeline.

Besides Fallon, Ser Anthony Hopkins got notable answers from Logan Paul and noted NFT collector Cozomo de’ Medici. The Paul brother ruthlessly shilled Hopkins on his latest NFT project, “I’m building a community of forward thinkers brought together by art.” For his part, Cozomo de’ Medici just asked the famed actor to DM him or her. It should be noted that there was a rumor that de’ Medici is Snoop Dogg himself, but it was apparently debunked by Artnet.


Why Did He Ask Those Particular Celebrities?

Reese Witherspoon bought a World Of Women NFT in October 2021 and then took her investment to the next level. In one of our “NFTs In A Nutshell” reports, Bitcoinist said, “Reports released this week have unveiled that Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine will be developing feature films and TV series based on NFT project ‘World of Women.’” 

In Snoop Dogg’s case, the answer is pretty obvious. He’s the most NFT-focused celebrity out there, buying Apes and putting out collections with The Sandbox. He also bought the legendary Death Row Records and it’s in the process of transforming it into an NFT-label. In a Clubhouse appearance, Snoop put it clearly: 

“Death Row will be an NFT label. We will be putting out artists through the metaverse, or through a whole other chain of music. Just like we broke the industry when we was the first independent to be major, I want to be the first major in the metaverse. So, Death Row will be in NFT land.” 

For his part, Jimmy Fallon starred in this clip with Paris Hilton:

And that’s the reason he temporarily got into trouble with NBC.

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What Is Ser Anthony Hopkins Up To?

For starters, in March he signed with the CAA, the agency that manages all of the celebrities tagged in the original tweet. This might be the explanation for Hopkins’ NFT interests. He was also announced as a cast member in Zack Snyder’s “Rebel Moon.” According to Netflix he’ll play, “the voice acting role of Jimmy, a sentient JC1435 mechanized battle robot and one-time defender of the slain King.”

It’s worth remembering that nine months ago Bitcoinist announced that Hopkins would start in “Zero Contact,” and NFT-film.  “Before ZERO CONTACT, Anthony Hopkins and Rick Dugdale worked together on the 2015 film Blackway. Watching NFTs surge in popularity, the pair decided to break new ground with ZERO CONTACT,” the co-head of VUELE Cameron Chell told us.

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