What Does Reserved Mean on Poshmark?


The yellow Reserved flag on Poshmark appears automatically on a product image when a potential buyer clicks the Buy Now button on your listing. Clicking Buy Now gives the user 10 minutes to complete the purchase. If the purchase is not completed in 10 minutes, the Reserved banner should disappear.

What Does Reserved on Poshmark Mean?
Here’s what it means when you see Reserved on Poshmark

The Yellow Reserved Flag on Poshmark

When you’re checking out your own closet or browsing someone else’s closet on Poshmark, you might occasionally see an item with a yellow Reserved flag on it.

The first time I saw it in my closet, I thought I must have messed up my listing somehow. I went through my account settings and my entire closet to see if I had done something to affect the listing availability. I also spent some time searching through Poshmark’s support site trying to figure out what I did wrong.

A few minutes after seeing the Reserved flag, I got an email telling me that particular item had been sold. So I put two and two together. That, and one of my Posher friends explained it to me through Facebook chat.

That yellow Reserved banner means that someone is interested in your item and has clicked the Buy Now button. This flag is automatically added by the system. Poshmark does not currently have a reserve feature, so there is no way to create an item reservation or add a Reserve sign to a listing manually.

When a Posher clicks Buy Now, they have 10 minutes to enter their information and complete the purchase. During that 10 minutes, the item image will display the Reserved flag.

People on Poshmark can enter their shipping and billing info when they create their Poshmark account, but not all choose to do so. Some wait until they make their first purchase to provide their personal information. The 10 minute time period allows for a new Posher or someone who hasn’t filled in their details to complete the necessary information during the buying process.

Does Reserved on Poshmark Mean the Item Sold?

Reserved does not mean the item sold. Someone intends to buy the item and clicked the Buy Now button, but the transaction has not been completed. The potential buyer is in the process of checking out. The item remains in Reserved status until the purchase is complete or until 10 minutes have passed.

If you see the Reserved flag on an item in your closet and you don’t get an email from Poshmark notifying you that the item has sold within 10 minutes, the buyer might have changed their mind or decided not to follow through with the purchase for some reason. No notification email from Poshmark could also mean there was a problem with their payment method or some other issue that wasn’t resolved in a timely manner.

In any case, if you see an item showing as Reserved for more than 10 minutes, contact Poshmark support for help.

Why Do People Put Items Not for Sale on Poshmark?

People cross post items on other platforms like Mercari or eBay along with Poshmark. When an item sells on another site, they typically mark the item as “Not for Sale” on Poshmark until the sale on the other platform clears. All items are also marked “Not for Sale” if the closet is in vacation mode.

Can You Reserve an Item on Poshmark?

Poshmark does not currently have a reserve feature. On request, some sellers will edit their listing, add “Reserved” to the title, and set the price outrageously high so no one buys the item. When the buyer lets the seller know she’s ready, the seller will lower the price to the agreed upon amount.

I’ve only had a couple requests to do this. I politely declined both. If they were repeat customers I might consider it, but they were not.

Some would say that’s bad customer service, but I have my reasons.

First, it prevents someone who’s ready to buy at my desired price from buying. Also, I’ve dealt with enough flaky buyers to know I might never hear from them again. Lastly, there are some lowballers on Poshmark who will try to tie up an item while they see if they can get a better deal on a similar or identical item.

Poshmark has their own reasons for not implementing a reserve function. I’m sure it would be easy enough to do if they really wanted to, but I’m guessing they think the negatives outweigh the positives. So do I.

I’m trying to actually make money on Poshmark with as little hassle as possible and no bad feelings. Reserving an item for someone who is unknown to me has too much potential to go sideways.


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