5 Things to Do In Vilcabamba, Ecuador That You Can’t Miss


The Vilcabamba canton (The name in Quichua means Sacred Valley), is one of the most beautiful towns in Ecuador thanks to its topography, surrounding mountains, and the kindness of its inhabitants. It is located in the southern Andean region in the province of Loja, just 45 km from its capital, the city of Loja.

The best season to visit Vilcabamba is during the months of June to September, which is the sunny dry season. It has a subtropical climate with an average temperature between 60ºF and 75º C. Vilcabamba has two well-marked seasons: the dry and the wet season. The wet season begins in October and ends in May, while the dry season runs from June to September.

Vilcabamba has a great biodiversity and several walking trails through various cloud forests and the Páramo, where you will find abundant vegetation, wildlife and waterfalls.

An interesting fact is that Vilcabamba is known as the “Valley of Longevity”, since many of its elderly inhabitants are over 100 years old. They say this occurs due to the mineral properties found in the local water supply.

How long should I spend in Vilcabamba?

Vilcabamba has a lot to offer but we believe that a day or two is enough to explore the best things to do Vilcabamba. You can spend a whole week if you want to relax, try the range of restaurants or enjoy all the hiking trails.

The best things to do in Vilcabamba this weekend:

Vilcabamba Center and Central Park


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