Joe Biden, Jill Biden say they’ve defied political prognosticators


LOS ANGELES — President Biden and First lady Jill Biden on Friday rebuked political naysayers who think their political star is waning, telling Democratic donors the administration held the West together, predicted Vladimir Putin’s ill designs in Ukraine and will repel the GOP in November.

“He is working as hard as he can,” Mrs. Biden said of her husband during a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the California home of businessman Andrew Hauptman. “We are moving in the right direction. And I know you know there’s so many naysayers about out there saying, ‘Oh, you’re never going to win the, you know, the midterm elections and the Democrats aren’t going to do well.’ That’s not true. That’s not true. You know, we just have to fight a little bit harder. We can’t lose our momentum.”

Mr. Biden, meanwhile, boasted he predicted Mr. Putin’s aggression in Ukraine despite doubts in Europe and Ukraine itself about the extent of Mr. Putin’s agenda.

“What he’s trying to do is obliterate their culture —not just, not just take the nation, but the culture,” the president said. “The Ukrainian culture, because he doesn’t believe it’s such an independent thing as a Ukrainian culture. He thinks it came as a seed of mother Russia.”

Mr. Biden said he signaled to the Group of Seven nations — a group of major economies — that “America is back” and defended his performance at the Summit of the Americas, where he ushered in a major migration pact despite key absences from the president of Mexico and heads of state from Central American countries.

“The press will probably not say it but I wish they’d go back and interview all the heads of state and the Latin American conference we just had,” Mr. Biden said.


Jeffrey Damon
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