Tiger Woods’ Net Worth Crosses A Billion Dollars



PGA Championship - Round 1

Source: Richard Heathcote / Getty

Last week LeBron James made history becoming the first active athlete to reach billionaire status which, by all means, is one of the most impressive stats on his resume. On top of that, he’s gearing up to play his 20th season in the NBA letting us know the money hasn’t changed his love for the game.

Tiger Woods Joins LeBron James As Second Active Athlete To Become A Billionaire

Only a week later LeBron James is joined by the legend Tiger Woods who becomes the second active billionaire athlete. Tiger’s career has been full of ups and downs and five back surgeries but he is still in the game going for the gold. Enduring triumph, injury, scandal, and failure while having endorsements and real estate not only kept him afloat but helped push him to a billionaire according to Forbes. Surprisingly only 10% of his career earnings come from his golfing wins. The majority comes from endorsements from tons of brands including Rolex, Gatorade, Monster Energy, TaylorMade, and of course Nike.

Tiger signed with Nike in 1996 and they are still his highest-paying endorsement to this day.


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