Spring Knits and a Second-Hand Story


Vintage DKNY sweater, 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt (second-handed), thrifted espadrilles, Loeffler Randall bag (second-handed sample)

It’s nearly springtime, and as usual, I’m out here doing some outfit math to both keep cool and warm?? I got a bunch of knit textures, and a basic cardigan worn backwards- for “oomph”, I guess, if you wanna call it that. 

My mom was always a fan of cheap, handmade espadrilles like these. Always worn with socks in the garden. It’s an unexplainable habit I picked up from her, but I scarcely wear espadrilles without a sock’d foot.

On this purse: a story

I have started doing this thing where I (try to) only bring a new thing into my life if I have a physical, almost inevitable and subconscious draw to it. This purse was one such purchase. Next thing I know, I’m proudly sharing my new pursette friend on a formica diner counter on my IG stories, and it happened: the thing I always wondered about life after second-hand consignment:

The previous owner recognized their bag!

I locked eyes with this little bag back in September and it got me, folks.

It’s got everything I want in a thing: the danger of losing small items, mixed materials, and noticeable handiwork on behalf of whoever made it. It doesn’t have a lining, although there is slight, shredded evidence of a cloth lining that was cut out at some point. PLUS! It’s a neutral color. No tag, no idea who made it, ah well. Sold.

Shoutout to Emellie who messaged and told me the purse is a one-of-a kind Loeffler Randall. Bought at a sample sale, it never made it to production, so it’s a unique number that I am proud to carry the legacy on with. 

This is why second-hand is great, folks. If you’re got an urge to add more to your life, try a little treasure hunting, y’know?



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