Three Prints, One Foot Bigger Than The Other


Vintage top, A Current Air pants( ℅)T.U.K. creepers, Karen Walker sunglasses 

Could this be more maximalist? I’ll honestly take any opportunity to do the most with the least. 

We got these excellent pants that are made of hot pants (shorts) with sheer windowpane legs and attached belt. We have a striped top with one sleeve, and we got creepers with one of my favorite animal-inspired prints: dalmatian. Finally, to top it off with an accessory that was appropriate for this June afternoon before it rained: tortoise shell sunglasses fit for Steve McQueen.

Fun fact about creepers: they’re super fucking uncomfortable to break in, but SO worth it once you do. These were the shoes that got me to cave into ideal judgement and buy shoe stretchers. Not only can you avoid destroying your feet, but you can do it passively! While you sleep or forget about them! I usually just break them in on one shoe because my right foot is like, a half size bigger than my left- the bane of my shoe-buying existence. 



Jeffrey Damon
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