You Ever Match a Sweater with a Purse? Eh?


Thrifted vintage sweater and purse, second-hand Dries van Noten sandals, second-hand Assembly NY sheer slip

Listen, when you notice that you have the chance to match your drippy, bowed and beaded sweater with an equally be-beaded vintage purse, you go fourth and show off your plastic. This angora blend monster, completely encrusted in dangling bits and beads, was an irresistible find at my local thrift joint. I immediately thought of this vintage beaded purse from the 50’s/60’s, which I nabbed back in Idaho earlier this year at the good ‘ol Goldmine- which one Google review rightfully describes as a “Nice place to buy Rich People’s hand me downs for thrift store prices.”

Hear, hear!

And yep! Everything here is second-hand. That’s gonna be my credo going into 2020: as few new purchases as possible- especially when it comes to clothes and accessories, good lord. I mean, I’ve been doin’ a mean thriftshow since high school (as some of you who have been reading this thing for 10 YEARS???! OH MY GOD??! would recognize). And yeah, I think my eagerness to just try putting things together in a novel way has always been what gets me to enjoy style and fashion in the first place.



Jeffrey Damon
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