Blac Chyna’s Celebrity Boxing Match Ends In A Draw


Blac Chyna is the latest star to try her hand at boxing, competing in her first Celebrity Boxing Match this weekend.

Official Celebrity Boxing South Florida Rumble Featuring Blac Chyna - Press Conference

Source: Aaron Davidson / Getty

Despite a huge knockdown for Chyna’s opponent, fitness model Alysia Magen, the fight ended in a draw–which resulted in the Rob & Chyna alum claiming she got screwed.

Throughout the fight, both women a threw lot of punches, which might be what Chyna points to when she argues that she should have won. Still, Magen got in the best shot of the night, knocking the influencer onto the ground and making the crowd go wild.

Obviously, this fight would probably make actual, trained boxers cringe, but it was entertaining, nonetheless.


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