Texas Rapper Who Rapped About Robbing ATMs, Arrested ATM Robbery


A Texas rapper is behind bars after rapping about robbing ATMs, which turned out to be true, giving police all the info they need.

In most cases, artists rap about things they’ve seen or that people close to them has endured. When they rap about the things they’ve done, they usually wait a good period of time outside the statute of limitations.

Every so often, though, there is an artist who just doesn’t care and raps about their crimes directly after committing them. While the fight to have lyrics barred from court rages on, some people make the fight even harder. We all know this isn’t smart, but somehow, they miss the memo–in their defense, it can be therapeutic.

Texas man who rapped about robbing ATMs, arrested for robbing ATMs in Nashville

Even if the music is therapy, releasing it should be calculated; For Ladesion Riley of Texas, his lyrics just ruined his life.

Riley is accused of being a part of a four-person group charged with holding up ATM technicians at Bank Of American in Nashville. According to the New York Post, all four people are from Texas and two of them approached the technician as he served an ATM, reportedly telling him to “not do anything stupid and hand over the money.”

They fled in a Hyundai Elantra, which police determined was rented through Hertz and then used police helicopters to locate the car at a Motel 6. Police watched them exit the hotel with the money, then moved in and arrested everyone. It’s one thing to rap about past crimes, but to rap about crimes you’re still committing just isn’t a smart idea.


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