[ACCIDENT] Man Says He’s Lucky After Garage Fire Destroys C4 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] Man Says He's Lucky After Garage Fire Destroys C4 Corvette

A fire last week may have consumed a Florida man’s Corvette and badly damaged his home, but it wasn’t able to consume his spirit.

72-year-old John Jackson told Local 10 TV reporter Joseph Ojo that he was just glad no one was injured in the June 3 fire.

“Nobody got hurt, thank God,” he said, surveying the badly burned home and the dark red C4 Corvette coupe that once “ran like a Rolls-Royce,” as he put it.

“That’s the main thing – nobody got hurt,” he stressed.

The fire broke out around 1 p.m. on the 400 block of Northwest 39th Avenue in Lauderhill after Jackson reached into his prized Corvette to crank it up and then heard a strange noise.

“I reached down just like this, turned the key, and I heard a pop and I said ‘uh, uhh. ‘I grab the cover, which was half-covered and I threw it over, [but] that didn’t extinguish the fire, it just consumed the cover,” Jackson said.

The fire quickly spread to his carport and then the rest of the home, displacing Jackson and three others.

Now, Jackson is staying temporarily with his son and has also received help from the Red Cross, but he faces an uphill battle since he didn’t have insurance and has been told by one person who came by the house that he was looking at about $160,000 worth of repairs.

Jackson has started a GoFundMe to help him recover from the fire.

You can see the entire Channel 10 news report here.



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