June 2022 Corvette Production Update


June 2022 Corvette Production Update

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

Happy Friday Corvette fans!! Here is a quick update I wanted to share regarding C8 Corvette production.

Obviously, we have gone yet another week without receiving any of the three major points of info still needed for the 2023 Corvette Z06. As of now, we are still waiting on pricing, the Z06 order guide, and initial allocation numbers to dealers. Of course, we could add a fourth checkbox as to the kick-off date for the start of ordering, but at this point, I know many of you would settle for anything directly related to ordering America’s newest sportscar. Throw us a bone, Chevy!!

This coming Thursday is the next DOSP cycle for ordering the 2023 Stingrays and to be honest, I don’t really expect any Z06 info to drop during the week either unless we hear something in the official communications to dealers. That memo usually comes Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, so we’ll be watching closely for any signs that Chevrolet may offer.

Dealers did receive their Stingray allocation numbers for June on Thursday, and it appears some dealers got some very strong numbers while others didn’t. The big concern for dealers and buyers alike is whether or not Magnetic Ride will be available in greater quantities as well as the special red line wheels for the 70th Anniversary Stingrays. We’ll know more about constraints on Thursday as well.

2023 model year production kicked off on May 19th and three weeks later we are already looking at around 2400 Corvettes produced. We’ve seen some very good days quantity-wise with 193 built on June 2nd, and Monday and Tuesday this week saw 188 produced on both days. Thanks again to those in Bowling Green for bringing our Corvette dreams to life!

That’s all I have for now…Have a great weekend and make sure to cheer on Corvette Racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans!!


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